FluentPet Connect: Known Issues
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In addition to sprinkling known issues into onboarding and troubleshooting docs, we've also centralized all known issues here, so you can at-a-glance diagnose and resolve.

2023/08/13 - When a Button is pressed, no sound plays

  • Root cause: Currently unknown

  • Solution: press the Base Button (enter sync mode), wait 3 seconds, then press the Base Button twice (cancel sync mode).

  • Notes: The Base should play a sound when entering sync mode and show the Sync mode LED (blue), then the LED should turn off when you double-press to cancel.

2023/07/08 - Some button presses only appearing in the app after 1-3 days.

  • Root cause: Base firmware issue

  • Solution: new firmware release; target date: September 15

2023/07/01 - Button battery life is ~6 months, rather than 1+ year as advertised.

2023/06/14 - Base Button is unresponsive, Base LED is not lighting up and Base is not reaction to Button presses

  • Root cause: Unknown

  • Solutions: (1) Contact the FluentPet team to manually trigger to unstick (includes 12 hour delay), or (2) allow your Base battery to fully drain (i.e. don't plug it in until it dies)

2023/06/01 - When a Button is pressed, the wrong sound is played.

  • Root cause: ~2% of Bases were upgraded to a intermediate Firmware version with a bug (solved in newer versions).

2023/05/21 - When re-linking a Button, your Base may freeze.

  • Root cause: Button firmware bug (solved in newer versions)

  • Solution: remove the battery from the last Button linked, put it back in, and try one more time.

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