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Connect Base: Factory Reset 🏭πŸ’₯
Connect Base: Factory Reset 🏭πŸ’₯
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A factory reset of your Connect Base will erase all settings, linked Buttons and sounds on your Base.

You should factory reset your Base in case your Base is switching owners to make sure your recorded sounds and settings are removed from the Base.

In rare cases FluentPet support might instruct you to do a factory reset to fix an issue on your Base.


When factory resetting your Base all settings and data on your Base will be restored to factory settings. This means that the Base will forget all linked Buttons and your WiFi credentials that it uses to connect to the internet. You will need to re-add your Base to your household and re-link your Buttons.

Your Button press history, Button data and recorded words are safely kept on the FluentPet servers, these will not be erased by a Base factory reset and can be restored after the reset.

If the Base is not changing owners, there is no need to remove the Base or Buttons in your app.

Factory Reset

  • Before starting, make sure your Base is not in travel mode and the LED on the Base is out.
    You can make sure your Base is not in travel mode by single pressing the Base button.

  • Press the button on the back of your Base 5 times in succession.
    On the 5th press, keep holding down the button for 10 seconds, until you hear a warning chime coming from the speaker.

  • Wait 10 seconds.

  • Your Base is now reset to factory settings.

Re-add your Base to your household

If your Base is not changing owners, you can now re-add your Base back to your household by selecting "Connect A Base" in the Bases tab on your app.

After your Base is re-connected to your WiFi network, you can stop the onboarding wizard and close your app.

Re-link your Buttons to your Base

Now you can re-link all your Buttons to your Base:

  • Press the link button with the pin-tool on your Button

  • Press the Base button on the bottom of the Base

  • Both Base and Button lights will blink until the Button is linked and the Base will play the linking chime.

  • After a Button is linked, the Base will contact the FluentPet servers to check if a sound is already recorded for the Button, if yes, this sound will be downloaded to the Base and your Button is good to go.

    Note: You will still get a notification that a new button is linked in the app, but no need to re-record your Button sound.

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