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FluentPet Connect: re-linking Buttons πŸ”˜
FluentPet Connect: re-linking Buttons πŸ”˜
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In normal circumstances you link a Button to your Base only once in the lifetime of your Button. Your Base will never forget your Button, even after replacing the batteries in your Button.

In rare cases FluentPet support might instruct you to re-link your Button to fix an issue or to make sure your Button is updated to the latest firmware. After you factory-reset your Base, you also need to re-link your Buttons

Re-link your Buttons to your Base:

  • Press the link button with the pin-tool on your Button

  • Press the Base button on the bottom of the Base

  • Both Base and Button lights will blink until the Button is linked and the Base will play the linking chime. During this process your Button might blink green and blue, this indicates your Button's firmware is updating.

  • After a Button is linked, the Base will contact the FluentPet servers to check if a new sound needs to be downloaded to the Base.

    Note: You will still get a notification that a new button is linked in the app, even if you previously already setup your Button, but no need to re-record your Button sound.

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