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FluentPet Connect: Button Firmware Update
FluentPet Connect: Button Firmware Update
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All Connect Buttons shipped as of July 2023, shipped with an initial Button firmware that does not auto-update. In all newer versions of the firmware, the Button firmware will auto-update.

We recommend you upgrade your Button to the newer version of the Button firmware. To get to the newer version onto each button, please:

  1. Relink a button. During the Button firmware upgrade your Button will blink green and blue. Make sure you hear the confirmation sound at the end.

    1. About 5-10% of the time, you will not hear the confirmation sound. In this case, please try relinking again.

    2. If that's not working, or the Button or Base becomes unresponsive, remove the battery from the Button, put it back in, and try one more time.

  2. Follow this process for each of your Buttons, one-by-one, until complete.

Once this is completed, you will have Button firmware that is:

  1. More power efficient (2X battery life, up to 1 year)

  2. Auto-updating firmware (i.e. no need to do this process ever again)

  3. Better at battery management

You can verify that your Button is on the more power efficient firmware by:

  • Holding down your button

  • If after 4 seconds the blue light goes out, your Button is on the newer firmware

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