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Troubleshoot: My Connect Button is not working
Troubleshoot: My Connect Button is not working
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If your Base is not responding / working, please see My Base is not working. If your Base is responsive, but one specific Button is not working, please check out this article!

There are a few issues that may come up when interacting with your Connect Buttons.

My button is not playing a sound when pressed.

  1. Please re-link your Button with the Base. This ensures your button is linked to your Base and your Button is updated to the latest Button firmware.

  2. Please remove and re-insert the Button's battery. There can be a very rare intermittent issue that this fixes.

My button has only ever played the default ("bonk") sound.

  1. Please make sure you have recorded a word for the Button. You can verify there is a word associated with the Button in the FluentPet app.

  2. Please press your Base button to ensure all words are downloaded by the Base. If your Base does a fast, 5 times, blue blink, you may be experiencing a Wifi connection issue.

My Button plays a sound, but I don't see the Button press in the app.

  1. If your Button press never shows up in your activity feed in the app, please make sure your Base can connect to your WiFi network. You might need to re-connect your Base if your WiFi network changed.

  2. If you are missing only a few presses, but new presses are appearing in your activity feed, also please make sure your Base can connect to your WiFi network. Your Base will update to the latest firmware and the issue should get solved.

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