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Onboarding: Setting Up your Connect Buttons
Onboarding: Setting Up your Connect Buttons

How to set up your Connect buttons with your Base

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How to Set Up your new Connect Buttons

1. Your Connect Base should be connected before you add buttons. If you have not completed this step yet, please refer here first.

2. Make sure the blue LED on the front of your Base is out before you add buttons.

The firmware may be updating, and this can take a few minutes.

3. Once you reach this screen, locate the physical Connect button you want to link to your Base.

4. On the back of your Connect button, first remove the tab.

5. Next, push the pin (or "Stabby Thingy") into the pinhole, to press the Button's hidden "Setup" button.

The pin is located inside of the manual in the small button box. Put the pin into the pinhole, and search for an internal button to press - you should hear a click sound of the internal button depressing, and the Button should begin to breathe cyan. Try pushing the pin in at a different angle if you're having trouble activating.

This step activates your button for linking; when the Button is breathing cyan, it's in linking mode, and you can move to the next step.

6. When the Connect button begins to blink cyan, press the Base Button on the back of the Connect Base.

You should notice both the Connect Button and the Base's LED blinking cyan.

The Base will make 3 chiming sounds, and the Connect Button will flash green once the two have been linked.

7. Success! Your Button has been linked. The app should display the following screen.

If you do not see this screen in the app, try restarting your app and returning to the "My Base and Buttons" screen to edit your button.

Newly added buttons will be named: "New Button ID - XXXX"

If you do NOT have Classic buttons, or if you are new to the app, SKIP the following step.

If you have Classic buttons or previous data in the app, you will be prompted to merge your Classic buttons to Connect.

This is so you can keep all of your previously logged data and link it to your new system.

8. You are now free to edit your button name and record your word or sound.

9. Once you have recorded a name and sound, press the Base Button one last time to upload all your sounds to the Base.

Uploading your sounds to the base may take a few minutes. We recommend pressing the button at the end of adding all your buttons so you can be more efficient.

Nice! Your Connect Base and Buttons is ready to go.

If you are having trouble or stuck on any step, please check out our support articles or email our support team. We're happy to help!

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