How to Set Up your new Connect Base

1. Install the FluentPet app. Scan the QR code here or on your manual to install.

2. Log in or sign up for a new account.

3. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and go to => My Base & Buttons to get started.

If you are on app version 0.4.9 or above, skip this step and go straight to the "Bases" tab in your navigation bar.

4. Add your base by tapping "Add a Base."

Once you have added your Base, follow the app instructions or the instructions below to finish setting up your Connect.

1. We recommend you prepare the following before you continue:

  1. Unplug your base so it is not charging

  2. Make sure your WiFi network is a 2.4GHz network

  3. Have WiFi network name and password ready

  4. Make sure you have a strong WiFi signal

2. Locate the Base Button on the backside of your Connect. It should have a small WiFi symbol on it.

2. Write down your Base serial number, which can be found on the backside of your Connect, written below the QR code. The serial number is 12 characters long.

3. Hold down the Base Button for at least 5 seconds.

Your Base should chime four times, and the LED should begin breathing cyan and blue.

This means your Base is in connection mode (AP mode). You have 90 seconds before this mode times out. When it times out, hold down your Base Button for 5 seconds again.

4. Type in the Base serial number that you wrote down and tap Connect. (The QR code may be difficult to scan.)

5. Your base will take a few seconds up to a minute to connect.

If your base fails to connect the first time, press and hold the Base Button for 5 seconds again and wait until the chiming sounds end. Once the LED begins to breathe, give it a second before tapping Connect.

Having trouble connecting at this step? Getting an unable to join network FPCON... error? Contact our support team or join the Discord to get assistance.

6. Select your WiFi network.

Select your network and type in the password. If your Base is not connecting, try moving closer to the source of WiFi.

7. Once all the circles turn green with a checkmark, your Base is ready to go. It may take a few seconds to a few minutes.

Are any of these steps failing? Try reconnecting your Base, checking our support articles, or contacting the support team.

8. Yay! Your Base is connected and ready for you to add buttons!

Take a break here or continue to add your buttons to your base by pressing "Add Buttons." Continue reading how to add buttons here.

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