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Troubleshoot: The Word on My Connect Button has been Clipped
Troubleshoot: The Word on My Connect Button has been Clipped

How to best record on the FluentPet Connect Buttons

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Sometimes, your recorded sounds will be truncated differently than how you want. Here are a few things to try:

  1. Pause after tapping to start the recording. There is a brief delay after tapping to start the recording and when the recording starts. This ensures you're not speaking before the app is recording. Note that the app will remove any silences from the beginning and ending of your word.

  2. Limit your recording to 2 seconds. This is to ensure the Base can store up to 100 audio files.

  3. Record from a silent room. Sound from your environment (e.g. passing cars, background talking or music, etc) will be picked up when recording. This can cause:

    1. Empty space at the start or end of your recording

    2. Clipping at the end of your recording's 2 second limit, because the start contains background noise.

  4. Strongly enunciate "b", "p", "t". These sounds are extremely light in everyday speaking, and can be clipped by the app's algorithm. Make sure these sounds are made loudly when recording.

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