FluentPet App: Basics

How to use the FluentPet App

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Welcome to the FluentPet App! If you have not yet downloaded it, you can download it by scanning the QR code below.

Once you have created an account and entered the app, the bottom of the screen will display a navigation bar with three options:

  1. Household

  2. Activity

  3. Bases


In the Household tab, you will have the option to add members of your household, whether they are a teacher or a learner. You can also view the button press statistics of your household members by tapping their profile picture.

Activity Feed

In the Activity Feed tab, you will be able to view and log button presses and journal entries. Tap the + icon to log a new button press or add a new journal entry.

If you are using FluentPet Connect, all button presses will automatically appear in your feed. You can then assign them to a learner or teacher in your household.

If you find that you are spending too much time assigning presses (We're happy to hear you have a talkative learner!), you can go to the Bases tab and tap Base Details to set a default button presser.


In the Bases tab, you can set up a new Base or find all your current Connect Base details by tapping the name of your Base. Here, you can find your Base battery status, Base ID, and linked buttons. You may also set a default presser from the Base Details screen, which means all button presses will automatically be assigned to that presser.

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