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Updating: How do I edit or view my Connect Base details?
Updating: How do I edit or view my Connect Base details?

How to edit, view battery status, add, or delete a Connect Base

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To view your Base details, go to the tab in your navigation bar that says "Bases." It will be located on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Here, you can identify your Base's battery level, serial ID number, linked Connect buttons, and adjust interaction timing (or how often your Base combines button presses into one logged event).

You may also delete or edit your Base by pressing and holding on the Base listed on the screen below. You may also add a new Base by tapping "Add a Base."

To view your Base details, tap the Connect Base icon.

Identifying parts of the Base tab:

  • Your Base Serial ID number is the 12 characters listed above the battery icon.

  • The battery icon below the Base ID indicates your Base's current battery level.

    • Green battery icon = Base is charged and ready to be used

    • Blue battery icon = Base is currently charging

    • Red battery icon = Base requires charging

  • To rename your base, tap "Name" and type in your new name.

  • What is Interaction Timing? Changing interaction timing helps you adjust the communication tempo with your learner.

    • If your learner is a slow talker, we suggest increasing the timeframe to 30 seconds. The app will log multi-word button presses in one event given that all button presses occur within that time range.

  • What is Default Presser? Tap the profile to select a Default Presser if your learner is the only one that presses buttons on your Connect Board.

    • This means that all button presses will be logged as belonging to your learner. If no default learner is selected, you will have to assign every button press to a member of the household.

  • Linked Buttons is all of your Connect Buttons linked to your Base.

    • The 4-character ID to the right of the button is your Button ID.

    • To edit, "unlink and hide" (remove), or merge a Connect button to a Classic button, tap any of the existing buttons.

    • Add a new Connect button by tapping the plus icon.

  • To update your Base WiFi Network, re-add / re-connect it

    • If you wish to change the WiFi network information on your Base, simply:

      • Press the "Add a Base" (App Versions 0.4.14 and lower) or "Connect a Base" (App versions 0.4.15 and above) button from the "Bases" tab

      • Follow the onboarding steps to connect to your Base and select a WiFi network.

    • All of your data will be preserved, and your Base's WiFi network connection will be updated.

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