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Troubleshoot: Onboarding
Troubleshoot: Step 2 - Connecting to your new Base
Troubleshoot: Step 2 - Connecting to your new Base

Having trouble with onboarding Step 2: Connect to your new Base?

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What is Step 2?

In the previous step, you turn on the WiFi network of your Base. In this step, you connect to that network so you can save your home WiFi information to the Base, and the Base can send button press information to our servers and to your app account!

What issues are common, and how do I fix them?

Seeing these screens while setting up your Base? Here's why it happens and how to fix it.

1. The Base never entered Onboarding Mode

Solution: Make sure you hear 4 chiming sounds + LED breathes cyan and blue BEFORE you tap Connect here.

The Base must enter Onboarding Mode to create a local WiFi network.

  1. You must hold the Base Button (the button on the back of the Base) for >5 seconds to activate Onboarding Mode.

    1. The Base LED will flash cyan multiple times.

    2. You will hear 4 chiming sounds.

    3. Base LED will begin "breathing" cyan and blue, indicating it is in Onboarding Mode.

  2. When the Base is in Onboarding Mode, you should see a local WiFi network starting with “FPCON_”. To check that from your phone:

    1. Android: Settings => Network & Internet => Internet

    2. iPhone: Settings => WiFi
      If you're seeing the network, your Base is in the right mode, head back to the app and try again!

  3. You have 90 seconds before this mode ends. After 90 seconds, the Base Button needs to be pressed and held for >5 seconds again.

2. The Base timed out after 90 seconds

Solution: Make sure you scan the QR code or type the serial ID number within 90 seconds after hearing the 4 chimes.

The Base's AP mode times out after 90 seconds of inactivity (to preserve the battery of your Base.)

  1. Make sure the Base LED is still "breathing" cyan and blue as you try to connect during onboarding, or for any of the troubleshooting steps above.

  2. If the Base times out of Onboarding Mode, you need to restart the process in the app by tapping the back arrow in the upper left corner.

3. (Jan 2023) Charging is interacting with Onboarding mode

Solution: Unplug your base's charger and start onboarding again.

In our first production run, it seems that charging sometimes interferes with Onboarding mode. When plugged in, even when the Base enters Onboarding mode, it exits quickly (the LED returns to green).

  1. Unplug your base, and start the onboarding process with your Base unplugged.

If none of these work, please reach out to our Support team!

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