FluentPet App

How do I install the FluentPet App?

The FluentPet App is available for download on Google Play or the App Store.

What can I do in the FluentPet App

Each and every button press on FluentPet Connect is captured through the app. It enables you to track words, trends, and patterns to better understand what your learner is saying. You can also share your learner's progress easily and connect with other button teachers. The app also provides step-by-step lessons on how to teach your learner to talk.

Will Connect Buttons be able to identify who is pressing the buttons?

No, but the app makes it simple to assign presses in seconds.

Is the app necessary when using the Connect system?

The app is required when using Connect system. You record the words on your buttons through the app. It also tracks all presses and your learner’s progress.

Would we need multiple app accounts to track multiple Connect systems in the house?

No, it can be all done through one account.

Can I use the FluentPet App to talk through the Base speaker?

No. It can’t do that and it is not currently a planned feature.

Can the original Sound Buttons and Speak Up Buttons use the App?

No. Our original Sounds Buttons and Speak Up Buttons do not have WiFi capability.

Do the button presses get sent instantly to the app or is there a delay?

The speed in which the notification will appear in the app depends on several factors, including the internet connection, and can take between 10 to 15 seconds.

How does it work?

The Base connects with the WiFi router at your home, office or wherever the system is set up. The WiFi router is connected to the Internet and the FluentPet's servers are "live" on the Internet. When your learner presses a button, the press gets sent to the FluentPet's servers then our servers contact the FluentPet app on your phone, and then you get notified.

So, you can get notifications in your house, at work, or half-way across the world!

What WiFi Network do I need?

The Connect requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

If you have 5GHz, the Connect Base might not be able to connect, but most WiFi routers nowadays are "dual band" and are both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz compatible.

Do you have IFTT / IoT Integrations?

Translation: Can the Connect "connect" to other things in the house?

No, the Connect is not capable of turning the lights on, or sending an email to the whole family, etc.

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