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Connect FAQ: Hardware
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FluentPet Connect Base

How many buttons can be connected to a single Base?

Up to 100 buttons can be linked to a single connect Base.

Can buttons connect to multiple Bases at once?

No. During the setup process you will assign the Button to a specific Base.

Is the Base battery-powered?

The Base is rechargeable. The USB charging cable is included; the charger is not.

How long does the battery last?

The rechargeable battery in the Connect Base can last 2 weeks under normal use

When will the battery in my Base start to degrade?

The Connect Base has just been released. We don't have any long term test data on this yet, so we would only be providing estimates on how the battery will perform after many years of usage.

That said, at no point will your Base be completely unusable because you will always be able to use the Base while it is plugged in with the charging cable.

The amount of energy the battery in your Base can store will slowly diminish over time, as any rechargeable battery does with use. The Connect Base uses very little power, so the strain on the built-in battery is very low. We estimate that the battery will loose 1 to 2% of its capacity per year under normal use. This means that it should take at least 10 years before you might start noticing a diminished battery capacity level.

How long does it take to charge the Base?

On average, it will take 3-4 hours to fully charge the Base.

Is there an on/off switch?

There is no "on" switch. When the device is shipped it's travel-mode. when the user presses the base button it wakes up out of travel mode. -> there is no sound related to this but the LED will fade-in.

Will my HexTiles physically connect to the Base?

Yes. The Connect Base is currently compatible with compact HexTiles

How does the Connect system work?

The Base is connected to the internet via WiFi, and buttons are linked wirelessly to the Base.

What WiFi Network is required?

The Connect Systems requires a 2.4GHz Network.

Will I be able to sync them with my Wyze/Blink/other connected camera?

Not currently.

Will the audio quality be better than my classic FP buttons?

Yes, the Base speaker is louder and clearer than FluentPet’s Sound Buttons.

Will the Base ever come in different colors?

No. We plan to keep the Base in FluentPet’s trademark teal.

Can the Connect buttons be used with my current foam HexTiles without the purchase of a Base?

No. The Connect Buttons require the speaker in the Base to be heard.

I have multiple floors in my house. How will it work if we have a Connect soundboard both upstairs and downstairs?

You will hear a Button press through the Base to which that Connect Button is linked. Connect Buttons cannot be linked to more than one Base at a time. Depending on the environment (indoor or outdoor) the range is about 10 to 20 m.

What is the range of the buttons?

That depends on the environment (indoor vs outdoor), about 10 to 20m, but the sound comes out of the Connect Base, so you should keep your sound board together in 1 place.

I am hearing impaired. Do I really need the Base?

The Base is necessary for the buttons to function. It’s both the speaker for the system and also relays which button was pressed to your FluentPet app.

Is there any way to monitor when the Base’s battery is low?

When the Base has a low battery, the LED light on the Base will blink green to let you know it’s almost dead. You will also receive a notification in the FluentPet app.

Can the Buttons be used while the Base is charging?

Yes, the Base continues to function while it is plugged in and charging.

When the Base is charging, what happens if our dog presses the buttons? Will we hear anything?

The Base and buttons will keep working as normal while the Base is plugged in and charging.

FluentPet Connect Buttons

Do you record the words on the button or through the app?

You record through the app. Because smartphones have much better microphones, this ensures the words are crisp and clear.

Can you control the volume?

Currently, this is not a feature.

Does sound come out of the buttons?

No, the sound comes out of the Base. Connect Buttons don’t have their own speakers.

Are the buttons harder to press?

Compared to competitor buttons, our Connect Buttons are ultra-easy to press, even for small learners. Because the buttons require much less force to press, they are great for large as well as small dogs, cats, nose pushers, and any other type of learner. Connect Buttons require slightly more force than our Sound Buttons, but are comparable.

How are Connect Buttons different from FluentPet’s other buttons?

Connect Buttons connect wirelessly to the Connect Base and button presses are automatically logged in the FluentPet App You will receive a text notification on your smartphone.., Connect Buttons also light up when pressed.

What batteries do the Connect button use?

Each connect button uses one CR2430 battery.

Why are the Connect Buttons not rechargeable?

Our buttons are designed to last from one to three years without requiring a battery replacement. A rechargeable button would be significantly more expensive without providing any meaningful benefit.

If I glue magnets on the bottom of the buttons to mount them on the refrigerator, will that interfere with the Wifi connection?

While we haven’t tested this approach, we don’t foresee any direct issues. The fridge could influence the reception slightly, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you keep the Base fairly close.

Can I set up Connect Buttons to turn the lights on when pressed, or connect to other things in my home?

This is under development. If you are interested in Beta testing, please reach out!

Do the buttons emit a lot of radio frequency noise?

The Connect Buttons transmit an extremely short message to the Base when they are pressed. Your phone, computer or WifI router transmits messages at rates that are magnitudes higher than the Connect Buttons.

How do the Connect Buttons compare to the original Sound Buttons and your new Speak Up Buttons?

The FluentPet Connect smart button system helps you to stay connected to your learner, even when you’re away. The Connect Buttons link wirelessly to the Connect Base (required), which plays words/sounds when the button is pressed through a large, high-fidelity speaker. The Connect Buttons also light up when pressed.

Our Sound Buttons, including our new Speak Up Buttons have the speaker and the microphone built into each button, so a separate speaker is not required.

Please note: the Sound Buttons and Speak Up Buttons are not WiFI capable and cannot be used with the Connect system.

Does this product contain magnets?

Our speaker has a small magnet in it, as nearly all speakers do. There’s otherwise no magnets in the system.

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