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Connect FAQ: Training
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How will switching to Connect Buttons affect my pet’s learning?

Because Connect Buttons are the same size and pressing experience as the original FluentPet Sound Buttons, our testers’ learners have experienced a smooth transition. If anything, we're received reports of learners preferring the clearer sounds and light-up buttons of the Connect system!

What happens if my learner eats a Connect Button?

If there is a risk of your learner eating the buttons, please don’t leave them unsupervised with the buttons.

If chewed on, sound buttons can break apart and create sharp plastic parts or expose the batteries within them, both of which can lead to internal injury if ingested. If a button, or part of a button or battery is ingested, immediately contact an animal hospital or your veterinarian for medical attention.

Can Cats be trained to use the Connect?

Both the Connect and Classic FluentPet Systems are designed to be flexible and accommodate learners big and small. For small learners, the buttons require relatively little pressure to activate (between 200g and 250g), so cats are able to press them.

We know of many cats that have successfully used our buttons, but as with most things, the success can depend on the learner's personality and the training methods. It is important to have patience, keep learning fun and stress free and never force your learner to use the buttons!

Where can I go for help training my learner?

For an interactive solution please choose from one of our Academy Course options found on our FluentPet Academy Courses page

For Self Help:

Please visit our Learning Center

You can also read/download our Getting Started Guide

And join our on-online community for tips, tricks and great conversation at

And, of course, our Customer Support Team is always happy to help! Email, use our Chat option found on every page, or visit the Contact Us page for the Contact Form.

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