What should I do if the food pod is stuck?
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If you notice that your Hub has a red indicator light, the food pod may not be able to turn properly. 

The most common way for this to happen is if a rogue piece of kibble gets in the food pod's way. Remove the food pod and give your Hub a quick search for kibble. Removing the tray and tilting the Hub forward can also help locate kibble hidden underneath the motor.

Also be sure to check where the food pod inserts into the Hub in case any pieces are stuck there!

What if the food pod keeps stopping with the orange door pointed to the side?

Sometimes, a kibble jam can knock the food pod out of its correct alignment. You'll know this is the case if the orange silicone door is not facing up. 

If so, simply moving the food pod to the upright position might not do the trick to keep it properly aligned. Instead, follow these steps to realign the system, and help prevent this from happening again in the future.

What if the food pod doesn't attempt to turn at all?

If there's lots of slobber, crumbs, or dirt in the food dish, the Hub may "think" there's already food in the dish, and won't try to refill it. Give the dish a wipe, then unplug the Hub and plug it back in. 

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