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Important Safety Information
Important Safety Information
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Your family's safety (both 4-legged and 2) is our #1 priority, which is why we provide an Important Safety, Compliance & Warranty Information insert with our products.

To keep your pets and people safe while using FluentPet's products:

Please supervise!

If chewed on, sound buttons, HexTiles, and Edge Pieces can break apart and lead to internal injury if ingested. If a button, part of a button or battery, or part of the foam HexTile is ingested, immediately contact an animal hospital or your veterinarian for medical attention.

Please do not use if your pet is likely to chew on our products.


Improperly replaced batteries may present a risk of leak or explosion and personal injury. Mistreated batteries may present a risk of fire or chemical burn.

Do not

  • disassemble or expose to conducting materials, moisture, liquid, or high heat.

  • attempt to charge the battery.

  • leave your battery unused for extended periods.

  • short circuit.

Battery life varies with usage. Non-operational batteries should be discarded according to local laws. If no laws or regulations govern, dispose of your device in a waste bin for electronics.

Keep batteries away from children and seniors. Coin-sized and button batteries may be easily swallowed, which may cause personal injury and death. Do not allow children to play with or be in contact with these batteries at any time.

Never place batteries in your mouth for any reason as they may be swallowed accidentally. Always check medication before ingesting as adults have mistaken button batteries for pills or tablets. If a button battery or parts of a sound button is ingested, seek medical attention immediately. If ingested contact the US National Battery Ingestion Hotline at +1 800-498-8666. It is available 24 hours a day. Information on button battery ingestion can be found on the National Capital Poison Center website at:

Safe Usage Guidelines for Products

Do not open or modify the product except for battery removal and replacement.

Do not disassemble or attempt to service this product.

This product is safe under normal and reasonably foreseeable operating conditions. If

Product is operating improperly, contact our Customer Support Team by emailing

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