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What should I do if the food pod becomes misaligned?
What should I do if the food pod becomes misaligned?
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If you notice the food container often ends up with the orange door pointing to the side, rather than upright and aligned with the food hatch, the mechanism that spins the food container may have become misaligned. 

One way for this to happen is if some kibble gets loose inside your Hub. Once you've made sure there's no longer kibble in food pod's the way (see here for some tips!), simply moving the food pod to the upright position might not do the trick to keep it properly aligned. 

Instead, follow these steps to realign the system, and help prevent this from happening again in the future:

Remove the dome and rotate the food pod to the correct position (with the orange silicone seal pointed up).

Remove the food pod from the Hub.

Put the dome back on with the food pod still out.

Once the motor stops running, remove the dome and put the food pod back into place, again making sure the food pod is in the correct position. 

Once you put the dome back on, the Hub should check for food and start up from where it left off! 

Note: the metal food dish should be empty while following this procedure. If there's food in the dish, the Hub may not go through the necessary steps to realign.

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