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What happens in the challenge "Matching Two Colors"?
What happens in the challenge "Matching Two Colors"?
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Your pup has a world of colors to explore. What do they mean? Which ones should be touched? This is the first challenge where your dog needs to pay attention to multiple colors, and they may spend a while exploring and developing their own strategy. Each time your dog presses a touchpad, it will change between blue and yellow. The goal is to get all three touchpads to match.

Worried your dog can’t see color? Blue and yellow aren't a problem for dogs — check it out.

Like Tucker the Golden Retriever, some dogs have a bias for blue buttons. One strategy is to press only the blue buttons, and avoid the yellow ones, solving the play with three yellow lights at the end. This works well!

Other pups are partial to yellow, and almost always end up solving the puzzle with three yellow lights remaining. Another good strategy!

It's not uncommon for dogs to spend a while mashing on the buttons, like Zeus the Miniature Pinscher. This does work eventually when there are only two colors around. The Hub keeps track of how many presses it takes for each play, and if your pup repeatedly solves the puzzle in small number of presses, the game gets trickier. Specifically, the puzzle allows a certain number of actions to solve each play, and as the difficulty increases, your dog will get fewer and fewer tries to get the puzzle correct. 

For example, if your pup does not solve the puzzle in ten moves, then the "whomp!" sound will play, indicating that there was a better strategy to solve it faster.  If your pup is on task, then it will start to get harder —  there will only be seven actions allowed to solve the puzzle. Later, there will be only four.

You may notice that there is a new sound as well. The sound alerts when your pup is running out of presses.  If they don’t solve the puzzle in the next two presses, they are going to get it wrong!

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