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How can I help my dog use the Hub more on her own?
How can I help my dog use the Hub more on her own?
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In some cases, dogs will play with the Hub on their own right away. But sometimes, it can take time for your pup to build up the independence and confidence to interact with the Hub when you aren't at home.
If it seems like your dog is mainly motivated to use the Hub when you're around, they may see playing with the Hub as an activity the two of you do together. It's also possible that they see interacting with the Hub as a way to please you if you've been giving them lots of encouragement and attention for using it.
While using social encouragement is a great way to get your dog to start using the Hub at first, you may want to gradually cut back on the attention you give your pup while they're using it, so that they'll start to see the Hub as a tool that they can control to earn food.

Using high-value treats in the Hub is a great way to motivate your pup to start using the Hub independently. You could start with using just treats in the Hub, then gradually shift to treats mixed in with kibble, and then just kibble. And let your pup see you filling the Hub with food! This will help motivate your dog to work for food while you're out of the house. Remember, shifting to a new routine can take some time!

For more tips and advice that will increase your pup's independence with the Hub, check out our Trainer Tips video series featuring our Chief Dog Trainer, Graham Bloem.

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