How do I clean the Hub?
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To avoid kibble jams and to keep everything in tip-top shape, give your Hub a scrub! Every once in a while, it's good to clean your Hub since it can get a bit slobbery and kibble crumbs can get stuck in its edges.
The parts of the Hub that come into contact with kibble (the food tray and the food pod) can both be removed and cleaned with soap and water. See more details on how to disassemble your Hub here.ย 

Note: when you put the tray back in the Hub, make sure that it is aligned correctly with the pegs on the mount underneath it. When you put the food pod back, make sure that the orange silicone seal is pointed up.
From time to time, the touchpads might get a bit dirty. If you want to give them a good cleaning, unplug the Hub and wipe them down with a slightly damp washcloth. Make sure the touchpads are dry before you plug in the Hub again!

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