Creating your Pet Profile
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Before getting your Hub online, you'll need to create a profile for your pup. You'll need to enter your dog's first and last name, breed, weight, age, and gender. This information can be changed later on in the iOS app, but currently cannot be changed in the Android app. Your dog's profile details won't affect how the Hub works for your dog (for example, the Hub will not provide more food to larger dogs). 

To add a photo to your dog's profile:

  1. Tap "upload photo"

  2. Choose to either take a photo or upload one from your phone's library

  3. Position the photo so your dog's face is in the center and then press "continue"

From time to time, people run into some trouble when setting up their pet profile. To avoid any hiccups, make sure that any third party keyboards (such as Swype or Gboard) are temporarily disabled, and that you've only entered numerical values in the age and weight fields. 

The Hub can currently only support one profile at a time, so if you have multiple pets using the Hub they'll need to share a profile. Learn more about using the Hub in a multi-pet home here.

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