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Home Integration: Making your button presses do ... anything!
Home Integration: Making your button presses do ... anything!
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As of August 2023, we are in Beta mode for our Button home integrations. This mean, if you contact us and request to opt-in to this feature, we're happy to enable it and have you try it out!

This document describes how you can have any one of your Connect system's button presses do ... well, anything you want.

1. Register with an Integration provider that enables "webhooks" tecnology.

This includes Zapier and IFTTT. An integration provider takes something happening from one system, applies some rules, and then does something in another system.

For this demo, we'll use IFTT as our integration provider, and we'll take a Button Press and have it send me an email.

2. Create a "webhook" input action in your integration provider.

Here, we're using the IFTTT service to create a webhook service, naming it "button_press"

3. Add an action

This defines what will happen when the above "trigger" begins an event. In this demo, I want to receive an email. You can add a row to a spreadsheet, play a sound on your Alexa, open your garage door, or any other action that integrates with the integration provider you've selected.

In this demo, we're choosing the "send me an email" action.

4. Get the URL to trigger the webhook!

You can trigger this webhook in many ways. Your integration partner may have some ways to test this trigger. For us, you'll trigger via a button press in the next step.

For IFTTT, finding this documentation was acutally not easy. I had to click on the "documentation" link here:

IFTTT uses a URL format{event}/json/with/key/{key}

5. Add the Webhook trigger to the app

  1. Email us to enable this feature for your account!

  2. Log into the app

  3. In "Bases", select your Base

  4. Tap the Button you want to trigger the webhook, and tap "edit"

  5. Tap "advanced", to find the "webhook url" field

  6. Paste the URL into that field, and tap "save"

Note: If you don't see the "webhook url" field, you haven't had this feature enabled for your account, or the Button in the app is not a Connect Button.

6. Press your Button, and observe your action!

For this demo, I get an email. So I logged in to my email, and received an email.

7. BONUS: Log into the FluentPet Web Interface to review the raw logs

While most services provide a dashboard to let you know how many times your service has been run, we're providing a debug interface for our early adopters. Visit:

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