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Connect Base: Travel Mode ๐Ÿ๏ธ
Connect Base: Travel Mode ๐Ÿ๏ธ
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Your Connect Base does not have an OFF Button, we want to make sure that your learner is always able to communicate by using their Buttons, so there's no way to turn off their Buttons.

There is one occasion where you might want the Base to not react to Button presses though: when traveling, cleaning or moving your Connect soundboard.

What is Travel Mode?

When your Connect Base is in travel mode, your Base will stop playing sounds when Buttons are pressed. It will also go into an ultra low-power state to conserve battery power.

All sounds, linked Buttons, and settings on the Base are preserved during travel mode.

Enabling Travel Mode

Travel mode is enabled on the Base itself:

  • Hold down the button on the bottom of the Base for 15 seconds

You'll see the LED on the top of the Base light up and turn off again, keep holding the bottom button for the full 15 seconds though. At 15 seconds you'll see the LED turn on and fade-out. This signals that the Base is in travel mode.

You can verify travel mode is enabled by pressing a Connect Button: no sound should play from the Base

Disabling Travel Mode

Disabling travel mode is very easy:

  • Single click the button on the bottom of the Base

You'll see the LED on the top of the Base quickly fade-in. All Buttons should now play sounds again when pressed.

Note that if you moved your Base to a new location, don't forget to re-connect the Base to the new WiFi-network.

Travel Tips

The best way to protect your Connect Base during traveling is to use the original box your Base came in. It has room for all 6 of the connectors and the Base itself.

Your HexTiles and Buttons are best protected and easily moved with the Soundboard Carrier

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