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What happens in the challenge "Learning Longer Sequences"?
What happens in the challenge "Learning Longer Sequences"?
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Learning Longer Sequences comes after Learning Double Sequences, and challenges your dog to complete patterns of up to nine buttons in a row. It begins with sequences of three and progressively gets more challenging when your dog is successful.  Since it’s possible for the difficulty to ramp up quickly, it can also go back down — varying between three and nine presses per puzzle, depending on your dog's learning progress.   

Like Learning Double Sequences, your dog needs to press the brighter of two lit buttons, and can "plan ahead" by knowing which button will be lit up next — once the first pad is touched correctly, the dimmer pad will get brighter.

You may notice that your pup can sometimes press the “wrong” button, but still keep playing the same puzzle. This is because during this challenge, we provide your dog with three “lives” on every play — if there are 3 incorrect presses, your dog will get the familiar "whomp!" error sound and a new puzzle will begin.

Betty the mixed breed knows her stuff! She's staying focused and looks to all of the touchpads for the next light in the sequence. She'll get up to a sequence of nine in no time!

Pippa the Corgi's almost got the hang of it, but she's not quite there yet. Though she presses the correct touchpad a few times, she's still not accurate enough to earn a reward. But with that kind of determination, she'll be there soon! 

Nine buttons can be a lot of work for a pup new to this challenge!  For the first few days on Learning Longer Sequences, you might want to consider giving your pup access to some food (say, a quarter of their breakfast) before starting a day playing with the Hub. Why? It helps take the edge off the increasing difficulty if your pup isn't also super hungry when first encountering this challenge. 

Tip: If longer sequences are still hard for your pup, consider going back by one challenge occasionally, as this will let your pup start on two button sequences and work back up to nine over the course of the day.

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