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What happens in the challenge "Learning Double Sequences"?
What happens in the challenge "Learning Double Sequences"?
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Learning Double Sequences comes after Learning Brightness. This challenge is designed to engage your dog with sequences of action. To complete a single puzzle, your dog must request to play by touching a lit button, and then press the correct button accurately two more times. 

You may notice that there can be two lit pads, like in Learning Brightness. The correct touch is the brighter one. The dimmer pad lets your dog “plan ahead” by knowing what the next touch is going to be. As your dog progresses through the challenge, they'll learn to first touch the bright one, then touch the one that’s dimmer. After the first pad is touched correctly, the dimmer pad will grow brighter.

Sequences aren't a problem for Bob the Shiba Inu! He calmly plans his next move to press the touchpad that was dimly lit previously, but is now the brightest. He'll be moving on up in no time! 

While it is still possible for your pup to guess on the two buttons and press correctly by luck, it’s pretty rare to consistently win like that. It’s a lot of work to press all those buttons, just guessing! There is a big payoff to learn how the challenge works.

It generally takes dogs just a few days to get through this challenge.

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