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Data: Plotting Activity Dashboards via Google Data Studio 📈
Data: Plotting Activity Dashboards via Google Data Studio 📈

A how-to article on building your personal dashboard via Google Data Studio

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We have given unprecedented data access to our users - first through downloading CSV files in-app, and now via a Looker Studio Connector.

The steps to set up your custom report

We show details below; scroll to view all steps in sequence, click the link to jump to any step directly!

Details for each step

2. Access the FluentPet Data Connector (authorizes w/ your app account)

  1. In the top left, click "+". then select Data Source.

  2. In the connectors list, search for (and select) "FluentPet Button Events" Data Source.

  3. Authorize with your FluentPet App account information (2X), and click "Connect"

  4. Note: if you are already authorized, you will see a (long) list of fields

  5. Go back to Looker Studio homepage

3. Add an "Extract Data" data source (caches data for fast loading, allows you to make it public)

  1. In the top left, click "+". then select Data Source.

  2. In the connectors list, search for (and select) Extract Data.

  3. Select as a data source “FluentPet Mobile Activity App”. (Authorize if needed.). Sometimes it takes about 5 minutes for the “FluentPet Mobile Activity App”. connector to appear.

  4. [Figure 1, below] Select the dimensions to extract by dragging them from the Available Fields list onto the Dimensions targets, or by clicking Add.

    1. Select Dimensions (these are necessary to get our Demo running, but you can select more if needed) :

      1. All Buttons

      2. Breed

      3. Button 1

      4. Button 1 Normalised word

      5. Interactions Started At Local

      6. Is Human

      7. Learners In Household

      8. Name

      9. Species

  5. Name your new data source

  6. [Figure 2, below] In the bottom right corner, enable Automatic Update, select "daily"

  7. In the bottom right click “Save and extract”

Figure 1

Figure 2

4. Make your own copy of the dashboard and connect it to your data source

  1. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner.

  2. Then “Make a copy”.

  3. It will ask you for three new data sources -as the first one, select the "extracted" one created in the previous steps. Don't select anything for the other two. Sometimes the "extracted data source" takes about 5 minutes to be available.

  4. Your report should now be up and running!

5. Customize your report

  1. Enter Edit mode.

  2. In the toolbar, click Theme and layout.

  3. [Figure 3, below] At the top of the panel, click Customize.

  4. Use the settings in the Edit theme panel to customize the theme.

  5. You can choose background color, fonts, and text color.

Figure 3.

6. [Optional] Exclude household members or interactions with button presses

  1. [Figure 4] In your extracted dataset, click "Add Filter"

  2. [Figure 5] To filter by name, select "Exclude", field "Name", Contains your Household member.

  3. [Figure 5] To filter all events with a button press you want excluded, select "Exclude", field name "All Buttons", Contains your button text.

  4. There are advanced ways to do this, but this is the simplest

Figure 4

Figure 5

7. Make your report public (optional)

  1. Navigate to your report

  2. Move your mouse cursor to the top right corner of the web view; this should unveil a "Share" button

  3. Click the "Share" button to show the "Share with people and groups" dialog

  4. [Figure 6] In the "link settings" dropdown, select "Public" and "Viewer" (default)

  5. Click "Save"

Figure 6

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I add custom fields that I want to show in my dashboard, e.g. "usage context" and "notes"?

Yes, you can add to the Extracted Dataset all the fields available. You can do so when setting up your dashboard or later, by going to:
Looker Studio > Owned by Me > Data Sources > The name of your Extracted Datasource > Edit Connection


  • My dashboard stopped updating

  • My extracted dataset shows invalid dimensions (red) on all fields

It's possible that you need to authorize again the original data source. Please follow the instructions on the video.

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