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Updating: How do I record or edit a Button?
Updating: How do I record or edit a Button?

How to record, edit, delete, or merge your Button

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Once you've added a Button to your Connect Base, you can record, edit, delete, or merge Connect buttons with classic buttons by following the steps below.

Haven't added a Button to your Connect Base yet? Learn how to set up your Buttons here.

1. In the FluentPet app, tap "Bases" in the navigation bar. It should be in the bottom right corner of your screen.

2. Tap the listed Base to view your Base's details and the buttons you have already added to your system.

If you've added Connect buttons but want to change them, re-record, remove, or merge a Connect button with a Classic, you can do so from the Bases tab.

3. In the section "Linked Buttons," you can add a new Connect button by pressing the plus icon.

Tapping the icon will walk you through how to activate and link a Connect button to your Base.

4. If you have buttons already and want to edit or record a sound, press and hold the Button you would like to edit.

This will bring up a menu option of Edit, Merge, and Unlike & Hide (Remove).

5. You may now edit your Button's recording and name on this screen.

  1. Tap the Button's "Word" to update or change the name of your Button.

  2. To delete an existing sound, tap the red trash can.

  3. To record a new sound, delete the current sound before pressing the red microphone.

  4. Tap "Show Advanced Settings" to view or add a Button meaning, date, Base ID, and your notes.

  5. Tap "Update Button" to save your changes.

What is Merge?

Merging is an option for users who have pre-existing Classic buttons that they have been tracking data for in the app prior to receiving a Connect. Merge allows you to associate all information and button presses from your Classic Buttons (previously manually logged in-app) with your new Connect button.

6. Don't forget to sync any updates to the Base by pressing the button on the back of your Connect Base!

Make sure your Base is "awake" first. You can wake it by pressing the Base Button, and then pressing the Base Button to upload new changes.

Uploading new sounds to your Base may take a few minutes.

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