There are a number of ways a Base may be unresponsive to button presses

  1. While syncing, a Base cannot record button presses, you'll recognize it's in sync mode by the LED flashing blue

  2. A Base can get in a bad state from handling multiple unexpected events at once.

Troubleshooting an unresponsive base with the LED on

  1. Determine the type of LED flashing in our hardware support article.

  2. Wait for the Base to complete its operation, and the LED to turn off.

  3. Follow the steps below if it takes more than an hour to resolve.

Troubleshooting an unresponsive base with the LED off

Level 1: Ensure Base is Charged

If the Base is not charged, it will be unresponsive.

  1. Ensure the Base battery level is at -1 (charging), or above 20%.

  2. Note: a laptop charger will not charge the base - this is too high voltage, and will not charge the battery

Level 2: Things To Try (in this order)

Try each unlock procedure listed below. Then, press the base button to see if the base turns on. Move on to the next if not working

  1. Plug in the Base

  2. Unplug the Base

  3. Enter Travel mode: press the Base Button for 15 seconds+

  4. Factory reset: press the Base Button 4x, holding on the 5th for 10 seconds

  5. Hardware reset: there's a hidden button in the speaker grill, the size of one hole. Click once with the Button linking tool.

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