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Connect Base

Base Speaker

  • Located on the Base front, and where the open dots (grill) are.

Base LED / indicator

  • Located on the Base front, in the center of the Base Speaker.

Base Button

  • Located on the Base back, between the serial number sticker and the charging cable port

Base Charging Port

  • Located on the back of the base

Base Product Label

  • Located in the center on the back of the Base. Has the model number, QR code and serial number.

  • QR code is in the top right

  • Serial number is 12 hexadecimal digits total, divided over 2 lines, located under the QR code

Connect Button

Button top cap and LED

  • Top cap is translucent and lights up in blue when pressed

Button Link button

  • Located on the back of the Button, it's in a small hole and is activated with the pin-tool

  • pin-tool is included in the button manual

Button Serial Number

  • 4 digit serial number of the button is etched on the back of the button (Hexadecimal number)

Button Batch Code

  • Manufacturing batch code is located on the back bottom left

Button Battery compartment

  • Button battery compartment can be opened with a small philips screwdriver

  • Battery is CR2430, + side has to face out when installing

  • Battery interrupter tab has to be removed before use

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