How It Works

There are three steps in getting a Connect button to play a sound:

  1. Link it to the Base

  2. Record and save audio for that button in the app.

  3. Press the base button, to sync the audio to the Base.

The "boop" sound plays when step #2 or step #3 plays; it's the default sound before the app successfully uploads a recorded sound to the base.


There are three steps you can take to troubleshoot:

1. Ensure you've completed step 2 (recorded and saved audio to the app)

  1. Tap the "sandwich menu" (top left, 3 lines)

  2. Tap the "my bases and buttons" menu option

  3. Tap the relevant base

  4. Tap the relevant button, and choose "edit"

  5. You should see the button edit screen, where you can replay your recording. If there's no recording to replay, please record an audio, and press "play"

2. Repeat step 3 (press the Base Button to sync audio to the Base)

  1. Press the Base Button

  2. You should see the Base LED change to "breathing" blue

  3. The LED should change to blue/cyan alternating (downloading data)

  4. After 1-5 minutes, it should give a sound indicating "updated!" and then turn off.

  5. Once the Base LED has turned off, try pressing your button again.

  6. (Jan 2023): If this fails, try 2-3 times more. Then Contact support!

3. Change whether your Base is plugged in or not, and repeat Troubleshooting #2 above.

  1. (Jan 2023): For whatever reason, plugging in an unplugged base (or unplugging a plugged in base), sometimes triggers the Base to get it's "stuff" together and get with the program.

  2. So, try changing whether the Base is plugged in, and then try Troubleshooting #2 above (pressing the Base Button)

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