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Troubleshoot: My Base won't sync a recorded sound / won't play a recorded sound when I press a Button
Troubleshoot: My Base won't sync a recorded sound / won't play a recorded sound when I press a Button

My Connect button only plays "boop"

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How It Works

There are three steps in getting a Connect button to play a sound:

  1. Link your Button to your Base (press Base Button and the Link button with the pin-tool on the Button)

  2. Record and save your sound for the Button in the app.

  3. Press the Base button, to sync the sound to the Base.

You'll hear a "boop" sound when your sound has not yet successfully synced with the Base (before step 3).


There are three steps you can take to troubleshoot:

1. Ensure you've completed step 2 (recorded and saved audio to the app)

  1. Go to the "Bases" tab on the bottom of the screen in the app

  2. Tap on your Base in the overview list

  3. Scroll down to the "Linked Buttons" list and tap on your Button

  4. Choose "edit"

  5. You should see the Button edit screen, where you can replay your recording by pressing the green play button.

    1. If there's no sound recorded yet, please record a sound by pressing the red record button.

    2. After you recorded a new sound, you can tap the "update Button" button to send the sound over to the Base.

2. Repeat step 3 (press the Base Button to sync audio to the Base)

  1. Press the Base Button

  2. You should see the Base LED change to "breathing" blue

  3. The LED should change to a cyan color which indicates communication with the FluentPet servers

  4. Wait until the Base LED has turned off and try pressing your Button again.

3. Re-link a button

Sometimes, the system needs to refresh its sound storage - for example, after a factory reset, or due to a transient issue in the firmware. Re-linking a button can force this. Note that re-linking your Button to your Base will not result in any data loss.

  1. Insert the small pin-tool (it comes inserted into the Button's paper instruction) into the hole in the back of the Button, and press an internal Button. Your button should begin to breathe blue (pairing mode)

  2. Press your Base Button

  3. You should hear a chime, indicating the button is re-linked.

  4. Wait until the Base has finished communicating with the FluentPet servers (LED on the Base is out)

Note: there's no need to make changes in the app when re-linking a Button

4. Re-record a sound

Sometimes re-recording a Button sound and syncing will make sure your Button is synced correctly.

  1. In the app, go to Bases => Tap your Base => Tap your button and select "edit"

  2. Tap the icon to delete your existing sound in the app, and record a new one.

  3. Tap "Update" in the app; you should see a screen to sync the sound to your Base

  4. On your Base, press your Base button

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