On adding buttons:

"I was using the beeping cues. The unit beeps once on the first press and the blue light blinks. This is when I would pull the tab on a button and use the wire to push the button on the back of the button. It would take about half a minute for another audio cue from the base. The button would start to flash and after a second audio cue from the base the button would sync and I’d get a notification shortly after on my phone. I’d set up the button in the app and then press the button on the base again to upload the recording. After you press the light on the base blinks. When it stop blinking the sound should be uploaded and it is ok to move on to the next button.

At one point I got stuck and the base just kept blinking blue. I plugged it in for a few minutes and when I unplugged it everything was ready to add more buttons. Folks reported that the syncing seems to be less buggy with the unit unplugged. I hope this helps."

Adding or syncing a Button:

"You don't need to name and get audio on to a button before you move on to the next one. It can be a lot faster to first link a few buttons (we did six at a time), and then set up the buttons in the app. You can then test all six of the buttons. This way, if there are delays in data transfer (from your base to our servers, and from our servers to your base) they will not slow you down.

  1. Be sure to wait until a button has stopped flashing before attempting to connect a second button. The one time that we had an issue with a couple buttons, it seems like it happened when we tried to connect one button before another button had finished connecting.

  1. If your audio file fails to get associated with a button, or it doesn't appear in the app, (etc.) and you have more buttons to link, then just keep going with linking other buttons, and worry about the button that hasn't properly been associated at the end. (It's like not getting slowed down by one particular question on an exam). There's a good chance that the problem will fix itself as your base repeatedly updates.

  1. We set up all of the buttons on an iPhone hotspot that had a sketchy connection (1-2 bars most of the time). Sometimes, when a base didn't update, it could have been because the phone closed the hotspot. Alternatively, the sketchy connection could have caused uploading and downloading to go too slowly or be significantly delayed.

  1. How loud you speak into your phone's microphone matters. If Base seems to be too quiet, you can try re-recording while speaking more loudly. You can do the opposite if your Base is too loud.

  1. "When at first you don't succeed, try try again." When we were done linking most of our buttons, we had three left that hadn't fully updated. We just retried everything for those, including re-linking using the pin tool, and eventually they all got connected."

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