Food pod motor replacement instructions
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For this you'll need a medium to small phillips head screw driver.  A flat head screw driver will be handy as well.

First make sure and take off the dome, and remove the food pod.
After that, you will want to identify the 4 screws holding in the electronics housing.  The one screw closest to the food tray is different, it threads into metal so keep that one aside after you take it out.

Once you get the electronics cover, identify the food pod gear assembly. It will be black plastic.  And take out the 4 corner screws that hold it in place and keep them separate.

Once you remove it, you should see a single gear on the food pot motor shaft.

From there you will need to remove that single gear.  All you need is a butter knife or flat wedge to pry it off.  It should come off pretty easily without much pressure.  I used a small philips head screw driver to pry it off, but a flat head screw driver should work much better.

Next is the final 2 screws to release the food pod motor.  Take them out and keep them separated.

Once you remove those last 2 screws, the motor should come free and you just need to unplug it from the main board.  

Note: It can be difficult, but when you unplug it, try to grab the plug itself, and not the wires.  You could pull the wires from the plug and that will not be easily repairable.

Once you have the new motor plugged in, it's just a matter of rewinding these instructions and putting everything back.

Put the 2 motor screws back in place.  When the screws are all the way in, the brass ring on the motor shaft should come flush with the white plastic motor mount.

Push the gear back on, Not too far, you will want some room between the motor mount and gear.  The shaft of the motor should come flush with the outside of the gear.

Place your black gear housing back on and put the 4 screws back in.

Align and place the white electronics housing back in and put the screws back in, and make sure you get that 1 unique metal screw in where it's nearest the food tray.

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