Replacing the Photon(Wifi) chip

Step by step replacing the photon chip instructions

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To start out you will take of the lid and remove the food pod.

Next you will need a philips head screw driver to remove the 4 screws from the electronics cover,  before you do that, there is one screw that is different than the rest.  That one is the closest to the center of the hub near the tray and food pod.  When you take that one out, keep it separate so you can put it back.   The other three are interchangeable.

Once you take all for screws out you can gently lift the electronics cover off of the hub and set it aside.  Now you can identify the photon chip.  Looking over the hub from the front side, it should be on your left, with a micro usb port sticking out.  Make note of the direction it is inserted.  

While the hub is unplugged, you can grab with your hands on the top and bottom of the chip and pull evenly to remove it.  You can wiggle back and forth a bit, but try to remove both sides and the same time.

Now you can place the new chip in.  Line up all of the pins and make sure there are no empty spots.  And push in from the sides of the chip, DO NOT Push on the center of the chip.  Only on the sides directly above the pins.

Once you have the chip inserted, plug in the hub and make sure the center touchpads begins blinking for wifi setup.  

After that you can put the electronics cover back on, it should fit very easily, do not force it down.

Put the screws back in, and food pod.  Restart the hub by unplugging and plugging it back in and you are good to go with the wifi setup.

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