Tips for low energy dogs
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It's certainly normal for it to take some time for pups to get going on the Hub, especially if they have a relatively low food drive or energy level. While some dogs take to the Hub right away, others need a bit more encouragement at first.

Increase food drive

While your dog is first getting started, fill the Hub with super high-value treats — the good stuff, whatever makes them happy! And let your dog see you filling it. While many people eventually switch to regular kibble, it helps motivate dogs to explore the Hub if you use super high-value treats at first. 

Also be sure to remove any easier sources of food that your dog could get to instead. Dogs are very efficient, and may be less likely to engage with the Hub if they know they can get food more easily elsewhere! Your dog may also be less interested in exploring the Hub after mealtime, so encourage them to use the Hub before eating a meal. 

If your dog doesn't get through all their food for the day by using the Hub, it's perfectly fine to feed them the rest of the food after. Just be sure you wait a little while between their session on the Hub and feeding the rest of their meal, to avoid accidentally rewarding them for "quitting" the Hub. 

Encourage exploration

Using lots of encouragement and praise to approach and explore the Hub is a great way to help your dog know that the Hub is something they can trust and have some fun with! At first, celebrate all your dog's interactions with the Hub, even if they don't yet understand what the lights and touchpads mean.

As your dog begins advancing through the challenges, you can also them learn that they can actively cause the Hub to provide food by pointing to the touchpads, or even place treats on them, so that your pup triggers a touchpad while eating the treats.

For some more tips and advice that will help increase your pup's motivation and get them engaging with the Hub, check out our Trainer Tips video series featuring our Chief Dog Trainer, Graham Bloem

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