How involved should I be with my dog's playtime?
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Your amount of involvement will depend on how independent your dog is around the Hub. Some pups are extra curious and will explore the Hub without needing much encouragement at all, while others are more cautious and will benefit from your involvement. Here's a few ways you can get involved and help your dog start exploring: 

If your dog is known to be a bit hesitant around new objects, especially ones with unfamiliar sounds or movements, a little extra encouragement from you at first can be beneficial. To help your dog get acclimated to the Hub, fill the Hub with super high-value treats — the good stuff, whatever makes them happy! And let your dog see you filling it. You can also place treats around the Hub to encourage approach, like a trail of breadcrumbs.

It can also be helpful to point to the touchpads and offer lots of verbal encouragement when your pup shows interest in the Hub. This will help your dog learn that the Hub is something they can control and trust. Sprinkling treats on top of the touchpads is another way you can encourage your dog to approach and explore the Hub. 

While it can be helpful to place treats strategically on and around the Hub, offer lots of verbal encouragement, and point to the touchpads, your pup will still need to learn to navigate the Hub on their own through trial and error. We don't recommend physically placing your dog's paws or snout on the touchpads, or pressing them yourself, since this will take away from their learning experience. Dogs might find it stressful to have their paws forced onto the touchpads, and it's important that they learn that the Hub is something they can control on their own. 

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