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Why or how should I go back to previous challenges?
Why or how should I go back to previous challenges?
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Learning on the Hub includes lots trial and error, and your dog will gather evidence and feedback from the Hub to discover what needs to be done during each new challenge. As your dog learns new skills on the Hub, sometimes a bit of frustration can be involved in the process. 

A little frustration can be motivating—your dog is problem solving!  It's important to give your dog time to work through this frustration, as this can be a great motivator to make a breakthrough in learning. However, you know your dog best and sometimes it can also be beneficial for your pup to go back to a previous challenge. 

Revisiting the previous challenge can be a good confidence booster for your dog, and can help keep him motivated and interested, especially if he's having a particularly hard time with the current challenge. 

It can also be helpful to go back to previous challenges if you're going to be away from home for a while, and you'd like the challenges to be a bit easier for your pup while you're gone. You may also consider going back to a previous challenge if your dog has taken an extended break from the Hub and needs an easier level to help get back into the the groove of things.

We currently offer the option to either restart all of the challenges, or go back one at a time in the challenges tab of the app (marked by a star icon). You can go back to the very first challenge by locating the "Restart" tile, or go back one challenge at a time by locating the "Go back" tile. You may have to scroll down a bit if your dog has been playing for a while! 

Once you click this, you'll get a new tile at the top of the feed which will ask you to confirm the request. Your Hub will then start at the beginning of the new challenge once your dog completes his next puzzle.

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