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How do I clear old WiFi credentials from my Hub?
How do I clear old WiFi credentials from my Hub?
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Occasionally we've seen that old WiFi credentials stored on your Hub can cause some trouble when connecting to a new WiFi network. If your Hub has been set up on another WiFi network in the past, clearing the old credentials and starting from scratch may help. To do this, you'll need a small tool, such as a toothpick or paperclip.

You will first need to put your Hub into blinking blue “listening mode,” the mode where it can seek a WiFi network:

Unplug the Hub and remove the dome by pressing and lifting dome’s rear latches.

Plug the Hub back in while the dome is still removed.

Tap the middle touchpad three times (the touchpad will be lit-up blue).

Once all three touchpads start flashing blue, replace the Hub dome within 30 seconds.

Then, once you have your tool handy, remove the dome again and locate the small light in the back of your Hub, covered by three holes. Insert your tool into the top hole, pressing down on the button

After about 10 seconds, the light will start flashing more quickly. You can then release the button. 

Hooray! Your Hub no longer has its old credentials and ready to connect to a new WiFi network from scratch.

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