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What happens in the challenge “Mastering the Lights”?
What happens in the challenge “Mastering the Lights”?
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Mastering the Lights comes after Learning the Lights, and is designed to really emphasize the difference between the lit and unlit touchpads. As in the the previous challenge, your dog will need to select the one lit touchpad, rather than one of the two unlit touchpads, in order to get food.

Gin the Cocker Spaniel is on task! Without much hesitation, she steers clear of the unlit distractors and knows exactly where to touch in order to get her reward. As long as she keeps this up she'll be moving on in no time!

Ginny the Mountain Cur isn't quite keeping an eye out for which touchpad is lighting up. While she's definitely focused on the Hub, and has learned that touching the touchpads can result in a reward, she has a little ways to go in making that connection that the lit touchpad is the way to go. 

As in the previous challenges, pointing to or even dropping some treats on the correct touchpad may help direct Ginny's focus. Her humans could also try calling her away from the Hub for a moment so that she'll see the touchpads from more of a distance, rather than zeroing in on the food dish.

Your dog can demonstrate that they have mastered the lights, and move on to the next challenge, Responding Quickly, if they select the correct touchpad almost every time during a session with the Hub. This will probably take your dog anywhere from one day to two weeks.

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