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What happens in the challenge “Learning the Lights”?
What happens in the challenge “Learning the Lights”?
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Learning the Lights follows Avoiding Unlit Touchpads, and is designed to reinforce the idea that activating lit touchpads has a different result than activating unlit touchpads. In this challenge your dog must now trigger the one lit touchpad, while avoiding two unlit touchpads, in order to get a food reward.

Roo the mixed breed knows where to put those paws! It's already "clicked" for him what he needs to do in order to get a reward. Instead of pressing the unlit touchpad which is closest to his paw, he makes sure to press the lit touchpad. Great job, Roo! 

Seeing the Lights

Peanut Butter the French Bulldog hasn't quite made the connection yet. Now that the touchpads are down to one correct option, it'll be a bit harder for him to luck into getting a reward. However, he's certainly interested in the Hub, so as long as he keeps exploring he's on the right track. Errors are opportunities to learn, and learning takes time!

Keep in mind that while the Hub’s touchpads and lights are intuitive for humans, they are not important to your dog at first. Your dog will learn new techniques through trial and error, but if you want to provide some extra help you could try pointing to, or even placing kibble on the touchpads he isn't looking at — just be careful not to press them yourself!

Your dog can demonstrate that they have successfully learned the lights, and move on to the next challenge, Mastering the Lights, if they select the correct touchpad the majority of the time during a session with the Hub. This typically takes dogs anywhere from one week to three months.

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