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What type of food can I use in the Hub?
What type of food can I use in the Hub?
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Almost any kibble or kibble-sized treat works in the Hub, as long as it's firm and dry.
The maximum size of a single piece should be about 18 millimeters at its widest side
(about the size of a U.S. dime or smaller). 

The Hub fills the dish by allowing a few pieces of food to fall through a small opening, so if the food you're using is large, sticky, or crumbly, it may not dispense properly.

If your dog isn't into kibble, or eats a raw diet, you may find that using freeze-dried or dehydrated meat works well. Chopped up veggies or Cheerios are also popular low-calorie alternatives to kibble.

Some specific brands recommended by our customers:


  • Zukes Mini Naturals

  • Oliver Bentleys 

  • Fruitables Skinny Minis

  • Stella and Chewy Meal Mixers

  • Best Buddy Bits

  • Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Nibs

  • Pet Botanics Training Reward

  • Wet Noses Little Stars 

  • Primal Jerky Nibs

  • Charlie Bears


  • Natural Balance

  • Blue Buffalo

  • Canidae

  • Core Wellness

  • Kirkland Signature

  • Orijen

  • Hill's Science Diet

  • Wellness Simple

  • Instinct Raw Boost 

  • Millie's Wolfheart

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