How do dogs learn to use the Hub?
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Dogs learn to use the Hub in four stages: First, they have to get comfortable with it, and then they become curious. Only after they are comfortable and curious will they start to figure out that the touchpads help them to get a reward, and after they make this connection, they’ll start to pay attention to the lights. All of this takes time!

Check out our video series for more information on what to expect from your dog during each of these stages:

  • Getting comfortable with the Hub

  • Getting curious about the Hub

  • Touching the touchpads

  • Seeing the lights

Expert Teachers

CleverPet is designed by a team of animal lovers who also happen to be experts in neuroscience, cognitive science, and automated animal training. They have been training animals using computers for over a decade, and a lot of that expertise is used to make the CleverPet Hub interesting to a dog.

The mobile app will describe to you each challenge in a series designed by our team to help your dog learn how to engage with the Hub. The Hub is a tool your dog is learning how to use, and that can take some time. That learning process is also great mental exercise, no matter how quickly a dog progresses!

The Hub is a toy the same way your smartphone is: It’s a powerful tool that takes practice to learn and master. With the Hub, you’re embarking (ahem!) on a whole new learning experience for you and your dog!

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