How does my dog get to the next challenge?
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Advancement is automatic, based on your dog’s progress. We don't currently offer the option to skip ahead, as each challenge builds on the skills learned in the previous one. 

Moving through them will take time – anywhere from a couple of hours for some dogs, to a few days or weeks for others. Each dog learns differently, much as we humans learn differently. Some are confident interacting with the Hub right away, while others build that confidence over time and through consistent reinforcement.

CleverPet’s sequence of objectives helps your dog progress to increasingly complex puzzles and game types on the Hub. There are different thresholds set for each challenge, which are developed using our team's expertise in animal learning and behavior. Each challenge has its own requirements for the frequency and accuracy of interactions required to move to the next challenge. For example, some challenges may require your dog to eat 10 times in the last ten minutes, while other challenges may require your dog to get 18 of the last 20 plays correct. 

Additionally, you may notice that challenges will adjust the rules, based on what your dog just did. For example, in "Eating The Food", the amount of time your dog has to wait for free food will depend on whether she ate the food the previous time. Over time, we adjust these requirements to reflect what works best for training. 

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