How should I introduce my dog to the Hub?
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Calmly and patiently encourage your dog to explore the Hub. Every dog approaches the Hub differently, and that is part of what makes early exploration fun and interesting to observe. You may be surprised by your dog!

Some introduction tips:

  • Make sure your dog is hungry before interacting with the Hub at first.

  • Start with only high-value treats in the Hub to increase your dog’s interest and motivation. Bring on the good stuff!

  • Make sure there aren’t any distractions around (free food, toys with treats inside, social distractions like other interesting people or animals).

  • Is your dog really excited? Go for a walk to work out extra energy and work up an appetite.

  • Give your dog encouragement and time to get used to the Hub's presence!

For more tips and advice on introducing your dog to the Hub, check out our Trainer Tips series featuring our Chief Dog Trainer, Graham Bloem:

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