Tips for high drive dogs
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If your dog is really excited, it may be difficult to focus on using the Hub. Sometimes being hungry can actually make your dog more impatient or even frantic, especially if you have a very food-motivated dog. In these cases, it may help to feed them a small amount of food in advance, but not enough to make them full and unmotivated to learn.

It may also help if you get some of your dog's energy out ahead of time. Go for a walk together, play fetch, or let your pup run around to take the edge off. When their energy level is more relaxed, come back inside and calmly encourage your dog to explore the Hub.

"Button mashing", such as digging and scratching at the Hub, is a normal and very common strategy many dogs try out as they get started on the Hub. Typically this will decrease over time as your dog learns they can earn food by simply pressing a button. We have found that elevating the Hub, such as on a small table or box, can help curb digging and scratching as it will encourage dogs to use their nose instead of their paws. Periodically calling your dog over to you during their session on the Hub can also help to break them out of that "scrabble mode".

To learn more about how to use the Hub to channel your dog's energy, check out our Trainer Tips video series featuring our Chief Dog Trainer, Graham Bloem.

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