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What should I do if my dog is getting frustrated while using the Hub?
What should I do if my dog is getting frustrated while using the Hub?
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Some frustration, especially when your dog wants the food reward from the Hub, can be motivating—your dog is problem solving! Think of how good you feel when you learn something challenging. People show frustration while learning, and dogs do, too. Some signs of frustration include: barking at the Hub, walking away from it for awhile, laying near it, staring at it, scratching at the Hub repeatedly or more emphatically, directing new noises like a growly yowl toward the Hub. 

Give your dog time to work through this frustration. Consider taking them for a walk, or giving them a break and coming back fresh to work on the Hub again later. Many dogs benefit from gentle encouragement while they're learning to use the Hub! Pointing to the correct touchpad, or even dropping treats on the touchpads can help your dog understand what he should be attending to. Always be calm, patient, and encouraging. Remember, learning new things can be hard!

In some cases, going back to previous challenges may help your dog regain some confidence and ease their frustration. Learn more about whether this would be helpful for your dog here.

For more advice about how to work through your dog's frustration, check out our Trainer Tips video series featuring our Chief Dog Trainer, Graham Bloem.

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