Can more than one dog use the Hub?
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The current version of the CleverPet Hub is optimized to support one dog, and if you would like your dogs to share the Hub, they will need to use it under the same profile. Setting up a second profile will require you to run WiFi setup again to switch the account paired with the Hub. Keep in mind that with multiple dogs sharing a profile, tracking food intake and level progression won’t be exact to one particular dog. 

With that said, we’ve had many homes with more than one dog use CleverPet without a problem. Many customers who share the Hub between dogs use their app to revisit earlier challenges if one dog is learning at a faster rate than the other. 

Whether your dogs will do well sharing a Hub ultimately depends on the dogs’ personalities, and you know them better than we ever could — you can best judge whether to share CleverPet between pups. If your dogs typically exhibit aggression or resource guarding when sharing toys or food, you may want to supervise their use of the Hub at first.

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