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Can I connect my Hub to a WEP encrypted network?
Can I connect my Hub to a WEP encrypted network?
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WEP networks are a little special! To set up WEP on the Hub means you need to add extra information to the password that's required by the WiFi module in the Hub. You'll need to know your WEP key to proceed, which should be your regular WiFi password. You can also look at your router to confirm your WEP key.

When you reach the step during CleverPet WiFi setup where you add your password, input your password/WEP key preceded by one of the following number/letter combinations:

  • If your password is 10 or 20 characters long, try ‘0005’ (e.g., 0005XXXXXXXXXX), ‘0105’, ‘0205’ or ‘0305’.

  • If your password is 13 or 26 characters long, try ‘000D’ (e.g., 000DXXXXXXXXXXXXX), ‘010D’, ‘020D’ or ‘030D’.

Find more guidance on WEP setups with the Particle WiFi module here.

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