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My Hub is not doing anything and seems frozen.
My Hub is not doing anything and seems frozen.
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If your Hub is frozen with a red indicator light:

This indicates that either the tray or food pod was unable to turn properly. There are a few things that may cause this to occur:

  • Are you using larger kibble pieces inside the Hub? It's possible these pieces are getting stuck and not emptying into the dish, preventing the food pod from moving properly. Try using smaller kibble if this seems to be the case.

  • You may have a kibble jam! Remove the dome, the food pod, and the food tray and search for any loose kibble inside the Hub. You can also tilt the Hub forwards, to allow any loose kibble that's out of sight to fall out. Check out this article for more details.

  • Check whether the food pod is correctly oriented (the orange silicone seal should be pointing upward). If not, follow these steps to reset the food pod's alignment. 

If your Hub is frozen with a yellow (or yellowish green) indicator light:

You may need to fill the Hub with food! 

If you have already done this, but the Hub's light is still yellow, sure that you've lifted the dome and snapped it back into place, as this is what signals to your Hub that you've added food!

Also make sure that you haven't put too much food in the Hub, and that the food you're using isn't too big or sticky. The Hub determines that it's low on food by attempting to dispense food a few times, so if any food is getting stuck in the dispenser, the Hub may "think" it's empty.  

If your Hub is frozen with a white (or whitish blue) indicator light: 

Your Hub may be getting ready to present the next challenge! If your Hub stays frozen with a white light for several minutes, try unplugging the Hub and plugging it back in. If you see this happening frequently, it may help to move your Hub closer to your router.

Is your Hub frozen with another indicator light color? 

Click here for a list of the different indicator light colors and their meanings.

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