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Hub Troubleshooting
The food tray is stuck, or moves in and out repeatedly.
The food tray is stuck, or moves in and out repeatedly.
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If you notice that your indicator light is flashing yellow or solid red, or that your food tray isn't moving properly, you may have a kibble jam! Remove the dome, the food pod, and the food tray to search for any loose kibble inside the Hub that may be blocking the tray's path.

There’s a round latch on the Hub’s underside that can be removed (just twist!) to reach a rogue kibble under the tray. Shaking the Hub and tilting the Hub forward will often help locate kibble hidden under the tray's motor.

If the tray is still having trouble moving after you've made sure that there's no kibble in the way, it may also help to clean any surfaces of the Hub with which the tray comes into contact. Even small crumbs can cause the the tray to be raised, which can cause friction with the dome when the tray closes. 

What if the tray has gotten stuck from my dog pawing at the dish?

The tray may also become temporarily stuck if the Hub's safety sensor stops the tray from moving after sensing repeated resistance (if you dog is eagerly using a muzzle or paw to get food out of the dish, and keeping it there even when the tray starts to retract). The tray will attempt to retract five times, stop completely, wait for ten seconds, and then attempt to retract again. You'll see the indicator light blink yellow in this state. If it doesn’t retract, unplug the Hub and plug it back in.

What should I do if the tray is misaligned?

Occasionally, the food tray may become misaligned from the rotating tray mount underneath it, especially if any kibble gets in its path. Find out how to realign these pieces here

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