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I'm running into an error when trying to connect to the "photon" network (Android)
I'm running into an error when trying to connect to the "photon" network (Android)
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Errors may occur during setup if your phone is already connected to the Hub's "photon" network before beginning setup. Sometimes this can happen if you've run setup before, and your phone remembers this network. Go to your list of available WiFi networks on your phone's settings, and hold down the "photon" network and choose to "forget". Ensure that your phone is connected to your home WiFi or cellular service, then begin setup again.

This error may also occur if your phone automatically connects to your cellular service when trying to connect to the "photon" network. It may help to temporarily turn off your cellular data while running setup, so the app does not attempt to connect to your cellular service at the moment it disconnects from WiFi and tries to connect to the "photon" network. 

It also may help to disable smart network switching on your phone, at least temporarily while running . On your Android device (not in the CleverPet app), type Menu > Settings > WiFi and then tap either the action or more button (depending on your device), then Smart network switch. Ensure that this is turned off. 

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